Open Space

For many of us, open space provides an interesting destination and a welcome break from our everyday lives. Open space also protects the habitat of many species of plants and animals.
Dundee Township electors own over 1000 acres in 14 separate open space properties.
When visiting our open space properties, please minimize your impact on wildlife and recreate wisely. The quality and quantity of biological heritage we leave for future generations depends on the stewardship each of us practices when we visit. We all enjoy open space in different ways so please:
  • Leave the site as you find it
  • Take out any trash you bring
  • Leash your pets and keep them under your control
  • Clean up after your pet and please do not let them chase the wildlife
  • Share the areas with others
  • Do not bring or operate (ATV’s, dirt bikes, cars/and or trucks) on any of the Township's open space sites. This activity is prohibited
  • Do not bring or operate guns, including paint ball guns on any of the Township's open space sites. This is activity is prohibited

Please report any illegal activity by calling 9-1-1 or contacting the Dundee Township Supervisor:

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