Dundee Township Ask Electors to Increase the General Levy

Dundee Township

Press Release: 30Sept2020
General Levy Fund Referendum

As a resident of Dundee Township, you may be reviewing a sample and/or mail in ballot for the upcoming November 3, 2020 General Election. You will see a referendum question on the ballot from Dundee Township. Dundee Township is asking residents to permit an increase in the Township’s General Fund levy.

The General Fund is the Township's operational fund (commodities and salaries) which provides funding for the Supervisor’s office, the Assessor's office, Social Services including the Township’s General/Emergency Assistance programs, two Township Cemeteries and Open Space properties. The base rate for the Dundee Township General Fund levy has not been increased since 1982. It is important to note that the recent approval by residents for a 708 Mental Health Board created a separate entity and none of the funds earmarked for the 708 Board are transferred to the Township’s General Fund.

As opposed to other types of government bodies such as local Villages, Kane County and the State of Illinois, Township government is solely dependent on Property Taxes and Charges for Services for the revenue needed to continue to provide its’ services to the residents of the Township. The Township does not receive any revenue from sales tax, state income tax or utility taxes.

If approved by the residents, the additional revenue would be allocated by the 2021-2022 budget and appropriations ordinance which are approved by the Dundee Township Board of Trustees. The funds would permit Dundee Township to continue to provide the following services to township residents:

1)      Cemetery Services – the Township maintains two cemeteries including the historic West cemetery and the East cemetery. Residents receive discounts on the purchase of burial plots and niches in the cemetery’s Columbaria garden.

2)      Social Services including:

a)      General and Emergency Assistance – providing help for Township residents who need help with housing, utility bills and necessities.

b)      Ride in Kane Program – the Township’s door to door transportation service for seniors and others with disabilities

c)       Dundee Township Food Pantry – providing weekly food to residents and special delivery of food to seniors and others who are unable to get to the pantry.

d)      Medicine Drop-Off service – accepting old & unneeded medicines for proper disposal

3)      Open Space – the Township maintains over 1,000 acres of land to provide passive recreational activities for residents as well as enhancing the Township’s air & water environment.

4)      General Township services such as the Assessor’s Office and the Supervisor’s office.

It is calculated that if the Referendum is approved, the financial impact on residents would equate to about $20 for the owner of a home with an assessed value of $100,000.

On behalf of Dundee Township, I ask that you strongly consider the value of the services provided by the Township.

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