Board Members

Dawn Arimura - Sleepy Hollow
Term of Service - 3 Years
Ms. Arimura is a current clinical supervisor/family therapist for the Township of Bloomingdale’s Youth Service Bureau. Ms. Arimura's  skillset include grant writing, working with state-wide mental health agencies and working with the Township of Bloomingdale’s youth. 

Maria Borrero
Maria Borrero - West Dundee
Term of Service - 2 Years
Ms. Maria Borrero is a former D300 bilingual family school liaison, who helped families bridge the gaps with school programs. Ms. Borrero, works with the community through district 509 at Elgin Community College as a research assistant. 

Trish GleesSupervisor Patricia 'Trish' Glees - West Dundee
Term of Service - 4 Years
Supervisor Glees took office in May 2017 and acts as the chief executive officer of the Township. Supervisor Glees is reponsible for all Township funds and is the ex-officio Treasurer of the Road and Bridge funds and the management of Emergency & General Assistance programs, Cemetery and Open Space . Supervisor Glees is the creator of the Dundee Township Cares programs. 

Alec Neuschaefer
Alec Neuschaefer - East Dundee
Term of Service - 2 Years

Cindy OldinCindy Oldin - Dundee Township
Term of Service - 4 Years

Paul SetzePaul Setze - Sleepy Hollow
Term of Service - 3 Years

Mr. Setze is retired and had a professional career that includes a Ph.D. in General Experimental Psychology, has written or co-authored three (3) papers in peer reviewed journals, has experience with writing and reviewing grant applications, budgets and evaluating community-based programs. Mr. Setze brings strategic planning, team management, customer relationship, process improvement and solution development.

Wendy WittRev. Wendy Witt - West Dundee
Term of Service 4 Years

Reverend Witt is the lead pastor of the 1st United Methodist Church of West Dundee. Rev. Witt stated that her constants of ministry is the unswerving commitment to serve and advocate for the least of those in a community, advocating for the needs of children, LGBTQIA+ persons, poor and marginalized and those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.

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